Child Custody Lawyers

Do you know how to find the best child custody lawyers Los Angeles that will be good enough to win your custody case? Make sure you know where to look and what to look for or you may end up with an attorney who may not have your best interest at heart.

How To Find Information on Child Custody Attorneys In L.A.

Use the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.

This set lists almost 800,000 lawyers.

From Martindale-Hubbell you can get:

o Date of birth.

o Undergraduate and law school degree.

o Year of admission to practice.

o Bar association membership.

o Certification.

o Peer rating.

Two pieces of information are especially valuable. The year of admission to the bar says how long the lawyer has been practicing. The peer rating will tell you what other lawyers think of their colleague. These are confidential ratings, and they can be useful.
Peer rating is divided into legal ability and general recommendation. Legal ability “takes into consideration experience, nature of practice, and qualifications relevant to the profession.” Legal ability ranges from “A” to “C.” General recommendation evaluates, “faithful adherence to professional standards of conduct and ethics of the legal profession, professional reliability and diligence, and standards relevant to the attorney’s discharge of his or her professional responsibilities.” The only general recommendation rating is “V.” About 30% of the lawyers score at the top: A-V.

The directory is organized by city and state, so you’ll need to know the city the attorney practices in.

To read a bound copy, try:

o Public library.

o Courthouse law library.

o Law department in a large corporation.

How Do You Find Qualified Child Custody Lawyers Los Angeles?


Another way to find a lawyer is by reading and watching the news. News stories often contain the names of the lawyers involved in a local case, or some other useful quote by a lawyer. If the legal matter is similar to yours, you can contact the lawyer. Unfortunately, many news stories about lawyers are not really news, but are reprints of press releases put out by a public relations firm paid by the lawyer to get his or her name in the paper. This means that some of these lawyers want only high-profile cases, and if yours is not high-profile, they may pass your work on to an assistant.

Legal Plans

Sometimes you can find a lawyer by signing up for legal insurance or a legal plan. These are programs offered by employers, labor unions, credit unions, credit card companies, and so on, that allow you to pay a small membership fee in exchange for a basic amount of legal service. If you need additional legal work, you’ll have to pay more. A legal plan may be a bargain if it offers the services you need. Otherwise, you must use the plan lawyers, and they may not always be as good as you want.

Custody Support Groups

You can also find a lawyer through a support group. Some support groups help victims of domestic violence, while other groups help people deal with drug or alcohol abuse.

Examples of support groups include:

o Parents Anonymous

o Batterers Anonymous

o Parents Without Partners

To find a child custody lawyers Los Angeles group, look in the phone book under community groups, crisis intervention services, or family services.