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The shopping centers, leisure and catering establishments and supermarkets receive thousands of visitors every day, and on occasion, it is possible to suffer an accident that entails the possibility of managing the claim for damages suffered.

To be able to claim, it is important to bear in mind that the responsibility must be able to be attributed to the shopping center. That is, if we suffer a fortuitous fall or that occurs due to the exclusive fault of the client, no compensation can be claimed because the responsibility is of the user.

But when the accident is caused by other causes that are attributable to the establishment in question, it is possible to claim from the civil liability insurance of that local the compensation that could correspond to us for the damages and losses suffered. The personal injury lawyers in Pittsburgh are the best persons to take care of these matters.

What can be compensated in an accident at a shopping center?

Having an accident in an establishment or mall is more common than we think. The most common causes of this type of accidents are slips due to spilled liquids in the floor, a badly placed tile, a shelf that expires or products that fall due to poor positioning, defective stairs, or revolving doors that malfunction. They are very common examples that can cause injuries of greater or lesser severity to the clients of an establishment or commercial establishment.

  • On the one hand, we will claim these personal injuries, which must be well accredited and the causal relationship between the accident and the injuries suffered must be clearly demonstrated, so that the insurer of the shopping center does not disclaim or deny them.
  • On the other hand, they may be claimed as material damage suffered in objects or items that we carried at the time of the accident, such as sunglasses or sunglasses, mobile phones, watches, and so on.
  • Likewise, expenses that we have had directly related to the accident, such as rehabilitation bills, pharmacy expenses, taxis, etc., can be claimed.

Requirements to process the compensation claim

In order to claim compensation for an accident in an establishment or business premises, the first moments after the accident are essential to guarantee the success of the claim. The Pittsburgh injury lawyers are there for your support.

All shopping centers and premises open to the public have their corresponding civil liability insurance, which covers the incidents that occur in them provided that the fault was not the client’s own. Therefore, it is essential to prove very well as the incident has occurred and consult the case with a lawyer specialized in this type of accident who can advise us on the steps we must take and defend our interests against the insurer obliged to pay the compensation.

The insurance company will have a period of 3 months to offer you compensation. If you do not agree with that compensation you can go to a lawyer to negotiate and exhaust the friendly way or request mediation.

In the case that the negotiation does not give the desired result, you can go to the judicial way, as we have detailed previously.