When Lawyers Say

Have you ever heard a lawyer say that; I stand corrected? As if it is a huge big deal? Well, the way they say it is as if they are never wrong, yet this one time they admit it and stand corrected. Well I say to you lawyers; blow me. You scum. “I stand corrected?” you lawyers are the biggest bunch of minutia and largest lying sacks of dung one could even imagine?

I was recently in a committee meeting and had a small problem with the line of malarkey that one of the other members was purporting; you guessed it he was a god-darn lawyer. During the conversation he figured it was obvious he was out of his intellectual league and unable to secure his BS line of reasoning on the current reality of things no matter how he attempted to corral the issue using word smithing and convenient definitions.

First for the record I would like to state that all lawyers should be culled, as they are a contagious virus on human civilization and society and Caesar was right and we know what the first thing we must do is. Indeed.

Eventually seeing that this lawyer was looking like a complete moron in his suit and tie he said in a condescending way; “I stand corrected” as if the argument he started and defended to the best of his ability was no longer important and that he was conceding his point only so the committee could move on. Great right?